A Bolder is

We are a Colombian company founded in September 2006 in the city of Medellin.

Our emerging purpose

The Bolders offer comprehensive technology-based solutions. We are a bold professional team passionate about the challenge for an audience that is aware and willing to change in a committed and flexible way. Helping them kindly to be punctual, dynamic and to make them feel we truly care about their business.

We are experts in understanding and making your organization needs viable. All based on flexibility, technological independence and value generation -And above all, in what our client really needs. 

We are willing to do what you have been told as “impossible”.

Cultural Aspect

Our organization is framed under the following aspects which define each one of the Bolders to achieve our emerging purpose.

Being a Bolder is BEING our values

Our values are what define us as Bolders; we live them, we have them tattooed in our way of being, that is why our values are lived through behaviors.

  • We always support ourselves, we are A TEAM and….
  • The team is always aware of everything that happens.
  • The team members always think about others, colleagues, clients and projects.
  • The team always cares and protects each of its members.
  • The team always trusts its members and each of their abilities.
  • The team members are always in continuous and constant learning.
  • The team members are always united around a common goal.
  • The team members are   always there for whatever they are needed for.
  • The team always takes into account all the points of view of its members.
  • The team members always listen in order to be able to understand.
  • The team members are always direct but respectful with everyone, in and out of the Team.
  • The team members always propose solutions and make them a reality.
  • Decisive: We make decisions and we always face their consequences.
  • Critical: We like to challenge concerns, we always ask ourselves -could it be done in another way?
  • Excellence: We are always seeking better ways to get things done.
  • Flexible: we change the plans, not the goals.
  • Daring: We become giants in the face of challenges.
  • Experiential: We allow ourselves mistakes, but we learn not to repeat them.
  • Responsible: We deal with problems.
  • Explorers: We enjoy learning new things even on the go.
  • Conscientious: We offer what we consider the appropriate solution for each situation.
  • Prioritizers: We understand and separate between what we should do now and what we could do later.
  • Action takers: we are “hands on”, we think and we do it.
  • Achievement-Oriented: we stay until we solve. 
  • Imaginative: We suggest alternatives, even if they sound crazy and impossible. 
  • Solidary: What happens to our clients, we feel it as our own
  • Curious: We want to know everything. Understand what happens to our clients and their environment. Know more than what “corresponds” to us.
  • Loyal: We go with our clients all the way.
  • Competent: We want to know more about technology and our clients´   industry every day.
  • Methodic and Analytic: We identify and know the problems deeply to go further than just treating the symptoms.
  • Trainers: We communicate accurately and carefully
  • Knowledge propagators: We want to tell what we know, nothing is vetoed or secret.
  • Honest: We always say the truth of things, without creating false expectations.”    
  • Friendly: We celebrate everyone’s successes,  feeling them as ours. 
  • Sincere: We choose to say things face to face, always looking for the right spaces.
  • Focused: We are always looking for the solution and to learn from our mistakes. 
  • We control our emotions/We are emotionally balanced; we are calm even under  great stress situations. 
  • Humble: When it comes to solutions our ego never comes first.
  • Human: We know our limitations, and we know when to say “no” or “I don’t know”. It is also okay to say NO when necessary; acting without fear, without social or professional pretensions. To have our feet on the ground, to be consistent with our actions, will undoubtedly lead us to handle any kind of situation, as difficult as it may be.

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