A bolder is

We bolders are a community. We are in be bolder because we decided, and it is where we want to be. We are friends who decided to work together. We are high-performance workmates who push ourselves to the maximum and support each other.

Our emerging purpose

We are willing to do what you have been told it is impossible.
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Our values

We are a team, and as such, we support each other. We are aware of our environment, protect our mates, and take care of the interests of our clients. We are constantly learning, but we trust the abilities of our colleagues because we have a common goal. We listen to each other’s needs, respect their points of view, and propose concrete solutions.

We make decisions and face their consequences. We are flexible, we believe there may be better ways of doing things, and we learn from the process. We bravely assume the challenges. Eventually, we can change the plans but not the objectives; offer alternatives, and we enjoy the process. We prioritize, think and execute, and commit to the end.

We are inquisitive and want to know everything. Every day we want to know more about technology and our clients’ business to understand their situation and accompany them on their way. We identify and solve the causes of problems, and not just their symptoms. We share what we know accurately and carefully for the benefit of our clients.

We always tell the truth, although we look for the right moment and space. We do not look for guilty parties, find solutions and learn from our mistakes. We stay calm even in stressful situations. We know our limitations and recognize when to say no, or I don’t know. We have our feet on the ground and are consistent with our actions.

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