Our solutions

We are experts in understanding and solving the problems of your organization; all this is based on flexibility, technological independence, economy, and, above all, what your company needs.

Customized digital assets

We create digital assets to help your company grow, and being only yours, they will increase the value of your organization.

Some digital assets that we have created are:

  • Web portal.
  • Internet booking engine.
  • Web check-in.
  • Manage my booking.
  • On board sales.
  • Mobile APP.
  • B2B API.
  • Partner and agencies portal.

Be the owner of your information

We develop customized solutions to manage the information you need to make strategic business decisions.

These are some of our solutions:

  • Information ownership process.
  • Integration with different data sources.
  • Decision-making reports.

Self-service tools for your customer

We design customized self-service solutions to provide quick and affordable answers to your customers.

Some of them are:

  • Self-service solutions for reservation changes.
  • Help center solutions for the whole process.
  • Chatbot attention.
  • Refund automation solutions.

Live marketing

We provide integrated solutions in real-time to have updated information for marketing needs.

The following are our solutions:

  • Promotion management according to your own rules.
  • Services and product positioning according to your needs.
  • Connection to your social networks.

Internal process automation

We create process automation solutions so your staff can focus on critical activities, saving time and money.

Some solutions that we have made are:

  • Slots management.
  • Non-regular operations.
  • Talent tools (booking as benefits, etc.)
  • Exchange rate management.

Financial connection services

We design custom solutions to automate your company’s financial services in real-time.

These are some of our solutions:

  • Connection to your accounting services.
  • Payment consolidation.
  • Digital invoices according to the different countries.
  • Offline payments.

Retail oriented

We develop customized solutions to manage information, create your own experience, and increase sales.

These are our customized solutions:

  • Products/Services/Pricing management tool.
  • Connection with the PSS.
  • Connection with account system.
  • Connection with the payment platform.
  • Unified customer module.
  • Real-time behavioral experiments for different market segments.
  • Customized configuration of the sales process.

Application management

We design services to manage applications to control your company’s technological solutions.

Some of these services are:

  • Unified point of control and contact for all your technological solutions.
  • Optimization of the use of your company’s applications.
  • Continuous improvement of all your solutions with live signals.
  • Adaptation of solutions to your business and not vice versa.

Consulting and advisory on the industry

Our experts provide advisory and consulting services on strategies and technological solutions based on your needs.

These are our specialties:

  • Technology and digital transformation.
  • Smart innovation for the industry.
  • Organizational solutions.
  • Leadership and agile practices.
  • Specialized formation.

Your customer information as one

We help you understand the preferences of your customers and their buying behavior.

These are some of our solutions:

  • Unification of your customer information from multiple data sources.
  • Creation of a historical record of your customer behavior.
  • Creation of predictions about customer needs.
  • Creation of reports and dashboards for decision-making.

Centralized notification

We create customized and centralized solutions to stay in touch with your customers.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Notification flow based on costs and customer information.
  • Traceability of the notification process in order not to lose information.
  • Autonomy from notification providers.
  • Personalized notifications for customers, channels, and suppliers.

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